Christmas Mini Sessions at Milk House Market

This is the first year I will be offering Christmas mini sessions, and I'm so excited to announce I will be doing them at Milk House Market in Friona, Tx.  

Mark your calendars and book a Christmas mini session at Milk House Market.  Contact Cristy at, or 575.219.9312 to schedule your session.

Here are the details:

$250 for a 15 minute session on Saturday, December 2, 2017 from 1-3 PM CST

1-5 people (each additional person is $25)

Includes 10 digital negatives, you select your favorites

 First come first serve.

Session fee is due at the time of booking online.
Once you’ve booked, I will send more details on how to prep for the session as well directions to Milk House Market. This will help make the day go a smoother. Especially if you have little ones.

And if you've never been to Milk House Market, you are in for a treat. Milk House Market is all about creating a home you love with unique and inspiring finds. They offer a variety of farmhouse decor with a mix of vintage pieces that are simple and timeless.

christmasmini sessions2017milkhousemarket.jpg

Photographing Those Genuine Family Moments

Last week I did a Facebook Live about family sessions and I wanted to follow up with a blogpost about it, so here you go.  You can check out the live video here.

When hiring me for your family photographer, ask yourself why you want family photos.  What's the desire behind having them done?  Also, where do you want to take these pictures?  And, what in the world are you going to wear?

Let me break it down for you.

Why get family photos?  Do you want to document your family and kids while they are little in their genuine, real-life moments? Those laughable, funny and squishy love moments? 

Where should you photograph your family? If you want those genuine moments, photographing in your home is the best place.  Families are in their environment and will be more authentic.  (Your backyard are also a great location)

What to wear? First off, start with mom.  Then work on the rest of the family outfits.  Keeping with solid colors is best.  You want these photos to be timeless, yet trendy. Decide on a color palette choosing between cool tones or warm tones.  For example, gray, cream and tan are a good base.  Add baby blue and dark gray for cool tones or for warm tones add maroon, camel and blush.  

Plan your outfits a week before the session.  Then, lay them out the night before so you are prepared and ready to go. 

Keep the outfits simple.  I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed.  

30 minutes to 1 hour before your session:
-Feed your children a light snack, like apples or a banana.
-Please don't feed your children gold fish, or graham crackers or anything that will
stick in their teeth prior to the session.
Feel free to do all of that AFTER the session :)


Note to mom:

Get your hair and makeup done by a professional.  Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary.  Just having a professional to pamper you is something you deserve.  Consider it a gift to yourself.




Fall 2017 Mini Sessions

It's that time of year for mini sessions, and I would love to photograph you and your loved ones.  These sessions are available to just about anyone.  That includes families (family of five), kids, babies, and couples.
The sessions are quick and simple, and a whole lot of fun.  Like for reals. We laugh, play and ya'll smile and I snap a bunch of shots and everyone is giddy.
They will take place in Clovis, NM at the Hillcrest Park (soccer side).  Directions coming soon.  Each session is 20 minutes.

MINI SESSION 2017 AD_3.jpg

Want to Book A Session?

Saturday, September 23rd.ONE DAY ONLY
Here are the details:
$250 for 20 a minute session with 10 digital files
Includes up to five people. Each additional person is $25

Available Times:

5:20 pm
5:40 pm
6 pm-pending
6:20 pm-BOOKED
6:40 pm-BOOKED
Email me at to book your mini session, and provide the time you would prefer.  First come, first serve.  

Session fee is due at the time of booking online.
Once you’ve booked, I will send more details on how to prep for the session.  This will help make the day go a smoother.  Especially if you have little ones.


The Handley's Clovis, NM Family Session

The Handley's are one of my favorite families.  We've been neighbors and close friends since they moved to Clovis many years ago. It was an honor to photograph their family and come over as a photographer, not just a friend to create memories in paused moments for them. 

The mama and I workout together, eat together, shop together, chat about our children, take walks together and my kids adore her kids.  They are moving away this summer and we don't know what to do about that.  So for the moment we just don't talk about it and enjoy our time with them before they leave. So before I cry, here are my favorites I want to share with you.

handley family session taken by Clovis Portrait Photographer Cristy Cross__0003.jpg

Claire and Jared's Clovis, NM Portrait Session.Take 2

The fall colors are just booming right now and Claire and Jared only made them look better.
While shooting, Jared saw an owl fly by and we tried to act like bird watchers as we looked in amazement while it set up high in the tree. All we needed were our binoculars. It was so cool.

And I just LOVE this shot of them.  They are so cute, and so crazy for each other. 

Have a happy Thursday everyone.

The McAden's Vintage Township Lubbock, Tx Family Session

My ultimate goal as a family photographer is to grab a shot of mom and dad and their kids in a moment.  A sweet and real moment. Creating something that tugs at your heart even if you don't know the people. 

Well, this shot tugs at my heart times 10, because I DO know these people-quite well.  This beautiful mama has known me since I was in high school and she has been a role model to me for the past 18 years.  Holy moly!  I just did that math and I am shocked that it has been that long.  Woah.  Her goodness and kindness and tender heart are characteristics that are loved by her husband and overflowed and shared by their children.  My husband and I just basically love this family. 

We all have friends out there that make us complete.  We may not see each other for 6 months at a time, but we love each other just the same.  She is my cream to my coffee.  I just can't live without.

(okay enough of the gushy take a look at my favorite shot from their session)

Aren't they so adorable?

Family Session Chaos

Do you ever feel like a crazy mad woman dripping with sweat when you have your family photographed? haha Don't worry.  You might feel that way, but it's probably going a lot better than you think. Sometimes family sessions may seem overwhelming, but I guarantee to work my magic and photograph beautiful, and memorable pictures for you and your family.

Fall family sessions are booking up, and I would love to have the opportunity to photograph you and your family.  Fill out the form on my contacts page and I'll get you set up with some info on how to book.

The Holt's Albuquerque, New Mexico Maternity and Family Session

I love this family (went to college with the beautiful mama) and I had a wonderful time traveling up to Albuquerque to photograph them on one of their favorite trails.  How beautiful is this location?  I've decided that this is now my favorite new spot.  If only I lived closer.